C250 Lead Free Soldering Machine

Product Features & Benefits

  • Best in Class Lead Free
  • Performance with compact 4' footprint
  • Saves valuable floor space
  • Solder tank contains 98kg only



C250 Wave Solder Key Features

  • High Quality Design and Construction To Meet Standards of Japanese Electronics Market
  • Small Footprint - Approx. 1250 mm x 760 mm (50" x 30")
  • Single- or Dual-Wave Configurations for Through Hole and Surface Mount Assemblies
  • Seamless, Cast-Iron (100 kg cap.) Solder Pot with Corrosion Resistant Coating and Three Year Warranty
  • Built-In Solder Pot Loading and Maintenance Platform with Locking Support Mechanism
  • Heavy Duty Pump Motor with Dial-Adjustable Wave Height Control; Low-Temp and Overheat Alarms
  • Choice of Standard Foam-Fluxer or Innovative Drum-Spray Fluxer for Superior Flux Application Consistency and Reduced Operating Cost
  • Optical Sensors for On/Off Control of Fluxing and Wave Operations
  • Stainless-Steel Sheath Type IR Preheater with PID Temperature Control
  • High-Temperature, Corrosion Resistant, Finger-Type Conveyor with Width and Angular Adjustment
  • Motorized, Chain-Driven, PinType Inlet Conveyor Mechanism
  • Air Knife Cooling (option)
  • Standard Panel Control or Optional Touch Panel PLC Controller with Weekly Timer for Startup and Shutdown


More Information

Low-Volume, Seamless Solder Pot Loads Easily and Carries Three-Year Warranty

C250 Wave Soldering Systems feature a high-efficiency, low-volume solder pot and corrosion-resistant wave pumping system. Developed in conjunction with some of our closest customers, the initial start-up cost for solder when using the C250 is approximately two-thirds to half the cost of competitive equipment. Our high-efficiency heaters and small, 100 kg (220 lb.) volume considerably decrease start-up time and consume much less energy, but more importantly reduce oxidation and dross formation. The specially-coated, solid cast-iron solder pot has a seamless construction and includes a three-year replacement warranty. The solder pot and wave assembly easily slide out from the rear of the unit onto an extendable platform and are braced by heavy-duty supporting legs during loading and maintenance


Available in Either Single- or Dual-Wave Configuration

The C250 is supplied as standard in a single-wave configuration for conventional through-hole assemblies, but for minimal additional cost can also be supplied as a dual-wave system for surface mount and mixed technology boards. Dual-wave technology often provides improved hole penetration and reduced bridging on difficult-to-solder boards of all technologies and therefore makes the dual-wave configuration very popular. If necessary, the chip wave in dual-wave systems can easily be deactivated through the installation of a nozzle cover plate included with this option. Wave height control is dial-adjustable to a maximum height setting of 10 mm (.39") and the wave pump motor, with on/off control activated by optical board sensors on the conveyor, is also protected by low temperature and overheat alarms.


Adjustable Fiber-Finger Conveyor and IR Preheater Allow Precise Lead-Free Profiling

The C250 Wave Soldering System includes a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant, fiber-finger conveyor system with variable speed up to 2 m/min (79"/min). Conveyor angle (3°-6°) and width are easily-adjustable to accommodate PCBs from 30 mm to 250 mm (1.2" to 10"). A chain-driven, pin-type inlet conveyor is included as standard and allows easy loading of assemblies and smooth transfer into the conveyor fingers.
After flux application, a 420 mm IR preheater uses stainless-steel sheath-type heaters to raise PCBs and components to manufacturers' recommended temperatures for proper activation of VOC-Free and Lead-Free fluxes.


Innovative Drum-Spray Fluxing System Provides Benefits of Both Spray and Foam Methods

A reliable, easy-to-use foam fluxing system is included with the standard C250 and provides extremely consistent, maintenance-free performance over extended periods. For assemblers looking for even greater precision, the C250 can also be purchased with our optional "drum-spray" fluxing system. Drum-Spray Fluxing Technology is designed to deliver the precision of spray fluxing through a simple, innovative design that is easier to set up and maintain, and less costly to operate than other spraying methods. As shown in the diagram below, the Drum-Spray nozzle is positioned as close to the bottom of the PCB as possible and precisely applies flux in a thin vertical knife pattern across the full width of the board as it passes over the rotating drum. This method has been shown to provide more uniform application and less flux waste than systems that utilize small nozzles mounted to a reciprocating motor drive below the PCB. An adjustable mask is used to control the width of the spray pattern and optical sensors provide on/off control of the spray mechanism.


Video & Photo


C250 Series wave solder machine is available with dual waves for mixed technology (through-hole + SMT) processing or with a single wave for through-hole only. Stand is included. It has everything you need to get started with lead-free solders: high-temp finger conveyor, foam fluxer, 16.5" of preheating power, high-temp solder pot, built-in controls, and stand.

An upgrade to spray fluxer and touch-screen computer control is also available.


Finger conveyor eliminates the expense and time cost of using pallets and will not wear out from the high temperatures required for lead-free solders. Heating coils and cast, high-temperature solder pot also visible.   A rear panel drops open, allowing the supporting legs, shown folded for storage (L), to deploy, allowing the panel to open for convenient and easy access to the high-temperature cast solder pot.
The upgraded model of the 250C includes a spray flux unit (shown here with its vent) in addition to the foam fluxer, and a PC with touch-screen controls.   The upgraded 250C, with door open, showing the optional touch-screen computer controller (right). Below the touch-screen are the conveyor speed adjuster and the solder pot wave adjuster.
Turning the removable handle (L) manually controls the position of the solder pot once the rear door is opened, allowing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.   The finger conveyor (R, inlet with the adjust handle below), accepts differing board widths. It can be easily raised or lowered by means of the manual wheel under the rail (L) at the other end.




C250 Wave Solder Specification


Model C250-SW Single wave C250C-DW Double wave C250-PLC Doubel wave+Spray Fluxer
Power requirement
3φ220V, 50/60Hz ( Voltage: upon request)
Energy consumption
Compress Air
5kg/cm2, 5 CFM
5kg/cm2, 5 CFM
5kg/cm2, 25 CFM
Conveyor angle
3-6o Adjustable
Conveyor speed
Max.1.6M/min, /2.0M/min(50/60Hz)
Fluxing style
Foaming fluxer
Spray Fluxer
Fluxer capacity
3.0 liter
Size of PCB
30 ~ 250mm
Pre-heater zone length
Pre-heater consumption
2.4kw (0.8kw x 3)
Solder pot max. working temp.
Solder capacity
Solder pot power consumption
Heating method of solder pot
Indirect heating method
Solder wave type
single wave
Double wave
Solder wave height
10mm Max.
Main wave Motor
Main conveyor motor
Main conveyor finger
L Type, High Temp. Fiber Finger
Outline dimension
(Incldue Standard Frame
H: 300mm
1960 x830 x1,275mm (exclude warning light)
2,020x830x1,505mm (include warning light)
Net Weight including Stand








Main construction

Inlet rail conveyor Pre-heatering:420mm length
Single bath-250C-SW
Double bath--250C-DW

Cast iron,high-temp.
solder pot visible in this photo.
Built-in, easy-to-use control panel
  • Pre-heater ON/OFF Switch
  • Pre-heater Temp. Controller
  • Solder Pot Heater ON/OFF Switch
  • Solder Pot Temp. Controller
  • Wave ON/OFF Switch
  • Wave Height Setting Knob
  • Conveyor ON/OFF Switch
  • Conveyor Speed Setting Knob
  • Safety Device
  • Emergency Stop Switch Button
Foam Fluxer system

The spray volume andpressure can be adjusted for each PCB's
High Temp. Engineering fiber finger &Finger Chain conveyor

Finger conveyor eliminates theexpense and time cost of using pallets and will not wear outfrom the high temperatures required for lead-free solders
Quickly raise and lower the conveyor, or roll the solder pot in or out. Built –in Cleaning work frame for easy access to the high-temperature cast solder pot.
Option: PLC control system

Option: Drun Spray Fluxer


  1. Adjust Handle of Finger width (pcb width)
  2. Spray Volume Controller
  3. Emergency Switch
  4. Weekly Timer
  5. Handle of Solder Pot Roll IN/Out
  6. Adjust Handle of Rail Angle
  7. Touch Pannel Controller
  8. Soder Pot Wave Controller
  9. Conveyor Speed Controller
  10. Exhaust Pipe for Spray Fluxer
  11. Exhaust Connector for Spray Fluxer
  12. Exhaust Connector for Solder Pot




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