F Series (F350D/F350N)

Product Features & Benefits

  • Easy to operate by touch panel controller.
  • Auto feeder pump & level sensor to keep the flux level stable.
  • Special nozzle provide uniform flux coating.
  • Upper & lower exhaust nozzle to reduce the return shower.
  • Chain cleaner system to keep the chain conveyor operating properly.
  • Flow control by needle valve.
  • Easy to select Single or Dual direction spray.
  • Auto detected the PCB length.
  • Can set spray width.


Model NS350
Power source (Voltage upon request) 3Φ200V/220V/380V/415V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 600W
Air requirement 5kg/cm2
Controller PLC + Touch panel
Effective PCB width 45~350 mm
Effective PCB length 75~350 mm
Component height Max.80mm (upper) /Max.40mm(lower)
Conveyor direction Left to right
Conveyor speed Max.2.5 M/min. (60Hz)
Conveyor height 800±30 mm
Conveyor motor 25W
Swing motor 40W
Spray volume Max.100cc/min.
Chain cleaner pump 35W
Exhaust capacity 15M3/min.
Exhaust motor 1/2 HP
External dimensions(Signal tower excluded) 1200(L) x 1020(W) x 1250(H)
External dimensions(Signal tower included) 1200(L) x 1020(W) x 1650(H)
Weight Approx. 200kg
Option Body up spacer,Designated color
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