Round Soldering Pot

Product Features & Benefits

The pot is designed for easy movement and installment. The automatic temp. control ensures great safety. besides, special designs for clearing away oxides are attached.

Application: Melting wax, welding electronic parts and wires and DE soldering for through hole components, connector etc.

[ Specifications ]

    Model Spec. Power Heater Solder temp. N.W.
    R-64 60X40 mm 110/220 V 350 w 1.5 kg 400°C 2.5 kg
    R-84 80X40 mm 110/220 V 450 w 2.0 kg 400°C 2.8 kg
    R-104 100X40 mm 110/220 V 550 w 2.5 kg 400°C 3.3 kg
    * All specifications are subject to change without notice.